We’ll tailor every CCTV system installation to meet your specific security requirements, as well as your budget, and you can be rest assured that all the equipment we supply is of the highest quality.

CCTV for business and commercial sites

A CCTV security camera system is a must-have for many modern businesses for the monitoring and protection of your property from theft and damage.

It is important to get professional help for installing CCTV camera systems in business and office premises. The position of camera equipment is crucial to active surveillance, with consideration given to height, lighting, vision width and frame rates of your cameras - all something that All Set Security Ltd - Swindon, can ensure is taken into account when installing your CCTV system.

Retail CCTV solutions

In certain sectors, particularly retail, the systems offered by All Set Security have the added benefit of smart features enabling you to gather data on busiest times of the day and also areas customers are spending most of their time in, allowing you to better manage your business.

CCTV for agricultural sites

Security CCTV coverage can be a real boon to those who run a business from their home such as farmers, where surveillance of valuable livestock, animal feed and agricultural equipment could prove vital.

Security cameras can provide recorded  footage with date and time verification 24-hours-a-day or they can be triggered by unusual events.

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