All Set Security Ltd. can provide a comprehensive range of standalone or online products that can protect 1 to a 1000 doors.

The latest equipment will provide controlled access through defined areas with easy-to-read audit trail. When designing an access system, it is imperative that door and locking devices are compatible with its use. The aesthetics may also be a consideration when dealing with listed properties.

As an independent company, we can source whatever is required to fulfil the specification.

Providing a relevant level of reader technology is also important, so consider the volume and type of traffic that will pass through the area:

  • Hands Free: High level of traffic
  • Biometric: High security & Time & attendance
  • Proximity: Secure High usage
  • Swipe Card: Medium to low usage
  • Pin Code: Low security

We have recently seen a huge increase of construction Sites requiring Time and Attendance for site workers. Note If someone signs in 1/2 hour after the time that they say they did, you could be paying £200.00 Per Month for nothing! Time and attendance is proven to pay for its self in weeks!

Learn more about our products below.

ACT/Vanderbilt access control

ACT/Vanderbilt products allow end-users to perform anything from simple denial of door entry to controlled lockdown in an emergency and automated protection of lone workers.

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Videx access control

Videx have manufactured and supplied a range of door entry and access control systems for private residential properties for many years now.

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Paxton access control systems

Paxton design and manufacture market leading IP access control, door entry and building intelligence systems for smart buildings.

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